PMAA Regulatory Updates


PMAA_RR_01_20_15                    Special Procedures for Filing 2014 Retroactive Credit Claims

PMAA_RR_01_28_15                   CDL Driver Random Drug and Alcohol Test Rates for 2015

PMAA_RR_02_10_25                  2015 Federal Motor Fuel Excise Tax Rates and Renewable Fuel Credits

PMAA_RegReport_02_11_15     Updated IRS Form for Filing 2014 Retroactive Credit Claims

PMAA_RR_04_10_15                  2015-2016 HAZMAT Registration Period Begins


PMAA_RR_01_08_14                    2014 Federal Motor Fuel Excise Tax Rates
PMAA_RR_01_13_14                     CDL Drivers Must Self-Certify Driving Status by
Jan 30, 2014
PMAA_RR_01_16_14                    Annual OSHA Workplace Injury and Illness Posting Deadline
PMAA_RR_02_05_14                  Compliance Deadline for Annual EPCRA Tier II Reporting
PMAA_RR_04_17_14                   Ten Most Cited Violations at Roadside Inspections
PMAA_RR_05_01_14                   Reminder: New FMCSA Rule – CDL Driver Medical Certificates
PMAA_RR_06_24_14                   IRS Standard Mileage Rates for 2014
PMAA_RR_06_26_14                   U.S. DOT HAZMAT Registration Deadline Reminder
PMAA_RR_07_7_14                      EPA Issues Final Rule – Protection for Downstream Blenders and Obligated
PMAA_RR_09_04_14                   U.S. DOT – Out-of-Service Orders
PMAA_RR_10_03_14                   Changes to Diesel Fuel PTD and Dispenser Label Requirements
PMAA_RR_12_17_14                    U.S. DOT FMCSA – Vehicle Inspection Reports
PMAA_RR_12_22_14                   U.S. DOT FMCSA – Driver Hours of Service


PMAA_RR_01_03_2013                IRS – Federal Motor Fuel Excise Tax Rates and
Renewable Fuel Credits
PMAA_RR_01_24_2013                OSHA Compliance Deadline
PMAA  RR   02  05   2013                Retroactive Biodiesel Blender Credits
PMAA_RR_02_07_2013                EPA- EPCRA Tier II Reporting
PMAA_RR_02_27_2013                U.S. Department of Labor – Family Medical
Leave Act
PMAA_RR_03_25_2013                U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service
PMAA_RR_04_04_2013                EPA – Fuel and Emission Regulations
PMAA_RR_04_05_2013                Retroactive Biodiesel Blender Credits
PMAA   RR  04   19   2013                U.S. DOT HAZMAT Registration Fee
PMAA  RR  04   19A 2013                HAZMAT Civil Penalties
PMAA  RR  04  26   2013                  Underground Storage Tanks
PMAA_RR_04_26_13                      EPA Spill Prevention, Containment and
Countermeasure Requirements
PMAA_RR_05_20_13                     U.S. DOT – Driver Hours of Service
PMAA_RR_6_7_13                          U.S. DOT HAZMAT Registration Fees
PMAA_RR_8_2_13                          U.S. DOT – Driver Hours of Service
PMAA_RR_9-9_13                           Roadside Inspections – Cargo Tank Trucks
PMAA_RR_10_21_13                      US DOT–CDL Driver Medical Certificates
PMAA_RR_10_30_13                     OSHA Workplace Hazard Communication
PMAA_RR_12_9_13                        U.S. DOT Drug and Alcohol Random Test Rates
PMAA_RR_12_23_13                      FDA Civil Penalties for Retail Tobacco Violations


PMAA  RR 01 18 2102               OSHA Compliance Deadline
PMAA  RR 01 30 2012               IRS – Federal Motor Fuel Excise Tax Rates and
Renewable Fuel Credits
PMAA_RR_02-10-12                EPA – EPCRA Tier II Reporting
PMAA_RR_04-24-12                NLRB – Federal Labor Regulations
PMAA_RR_05-29-12                US DOT – Roadside Inspection
PMAA_RR_07-16-12                U.S. EPA – EPCRA TIER II REPORTING
PMAA_RR_08-14-12                EPA E15 Requirements
PMAA_RR_10-26-12                Tropical Storm Sandy: Natural Disaster Emergency
PMAA_RR_10-31-12                EPA EMERGENCY FUEL WAIVERS
PMAA_RR_11-02-12                EPA NJ Diesel Fuel Waiver II
PMAA_RR_11-05-12                Hurricane Sandy Relief – Interstate Fuel Deliveries
PMAA_RR_12-07-12                U.S. DOT – Shipping Papers
PMAA_RR_12-12-12                DOJ – Americans with Disabilities Act


PMAA_RR_01-18-11                IRS – Biodiesel Blending Credit
PMAA_RR_02-22-11                FMCSA – Driver Hours of Service
PMAA_RR_03-01-11                IRS – Federal Motor Fuel Excise Tax (FET)
PMAA_RR_03-02-11                FTC – Customer Identity Theft Prevention
PMAA_RR_04-01-11                EPA – E-15 Waiver
PMAA_RR_04-06-11                EPA – Underground Storage Tanks
PMAA_RR_04-19-11                Flex-Fuel Blender Pumps and E-85 Dispensers
PMAA_RR_05-16-11                U.S. Small Business Administration –Small Business
Size Categories
PMAA_RR 06-02-11                U.S. DOT – Roadside Inspection
PMAA_RR 06-21-11                IRS – 1099 Miscellaneous Withholding Regulations
PMAA_RR_7-8-11                E-15 Gasoline
PMAA_RR_7-15-11                IRS Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax
PMAA_RR_8-4-11                Federal Motor Fuel Excise Tax – Aviation
PMAA_RR_8-12-11                EPA – Underground Storage Tanks
PMAA_RR_8-31-11                DOJ – Americans with Disabilities Act
PMAA_RR_10-20-11                EPA SPCC Regulations
PMAA_RR_10-31-11                IRS Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax
PMAA_RR_11-29-11                U.S. DOT – CDL Drivers
PMAA_RR_12-08-11                IRS – Alcohol and Biodiesel Blender’s Tax Credit
PMAA_RR_12-29-11                U.S. DOT – Driver Hours of Service
PMAA_RR_FDA_1                FDA – Tobacco Regulation
RR10-11-11NewGasolinePTDLanguage                EPA Gasoline Requirements