Documents and Forms

Looking for an IRS form? Decals for gasoline pumps or trucks? Documents and documentation that are critical to your business? This section is dedicated to everything that you may need to be in compliance with state or federal laws. Decals are available for purchase to anyone. Many guidance documents are accessible to members only. Some of the guidance documents available include: Ethyl Alcohol guidance document, state fuel tax rates, South Dakota fuel tax manual, South Dakota 85 octane requirements, SD codified laws pertaining to petroleum and propane, and many others. Federal guidance documents include: Employer drug and alcohol requirements, Hazardous Materials registration forms, EPA and IRS decals required for gas pumps, Federal fuel tax rates, Special Permits for propane trucks, SPCC Regulations and many others.


Petroleum Guidance Documents – Federal

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Propane Guidance Documents – SD

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Propane Guidance Documents – Federal

Special Permit Authorization DOT-SP 13341

General Guidance Documents – Petroleum and Propane – SD

DHS Top Screen Instructions
Hours of Service Waivers

Convenience Store Guidance Documents – SD

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Convenience Store Guidance Documents – Federal

Debit Card Information

Letters to Elected Officials