This Declaration addresses the emergency conditions creating a need fro immediate transportation of heating fuel, including propane, natural gas and heating oil, and provides necessary relief from Parts 390-399 of Title 49 CFR except as restricted herein.

Nothing contained in this Emergency Declaration shall be construed as an exemption from the controlled substances and alcohol use and testing requirements (49 CFR Part 382), the commercial driver’s license requirements (49 CFR Part 383), the financial responsibility (insurance) requirements (49 CFR Part 387), the hazardous material regulations (49 CFR Parts 100-180), applicable size and weight requirements, or any other portion of the regulations not specifically authorized pursuant to 49 CFR § 390.23.

This waiver is effective from November 1, 2019 to November 30,2019.

Please print out of a copy of this waiver and keep in each of your trucks.

MSC-WSC – Regional Emergency Declaration 2019-008 – 11-01-2019